'Karim' Trailer & Short Film Now Online!

In 2007 I completed what would prove to be one of my most ambitious films to date, Karim.  The film, starring Ryan Persaud as the titular character, was made while attending Ryerson University's School of Image Arts and would act as my fourth year thesis film.  It's creation from conception to completion truly was an extremely tedious, yet rewarding venture.  Overall, while I feel many things could have been improved upon, I'm proud of the final product and know the film is powerful in its execution and message.  Karim did go on to have a decent festival run through North America, and is currently available on DVD with bonus features.

I am very happy to finally present both the trailer and the short in its entirety online for the very first time.  You can view both below or by visiting the Projects section.  Please be aware that Karim deals with mature content and contains course language.  Viewer Discretion is Advised.


Be sure to check out the Rabid Pictures Vimeo page for more video relating to Karim including Deleted Scenes and an Alternate Ending.