The Human Condition in 60

For the past few weeks filmmaker Razvan Anton and my self have been working on some concepts for what will eventually be a 60 second film for a competition being held by the Chicago International Film Festival.  The goal is to conceive, design and produce an original 60 second film that examines who and what we, as humans, are - 'The Human Condition'.

Razvan and my self have been looking to collaborate for quite some time now and we both felt that this was the ideal project for that.  After weeks of discussing potential ideas and concepts, many of which were simply too extravagant to achieve given our budgetary constraints, we turned to something much more elementary and organic in its concept, yet still challenging to achieve.  Needless to say, the limitations we found in producing some of our more ambitious ideas, led us to something much simpler, however stronger, to the point, visually engaging and powerful in its message.

Below you can view a (very) quick clip of some early test footage.  The final project will be built around 360 degrees while incorporating elements of stop motion photography and practical-paint animation in a light-controlled setting.  The project will be going to camera this coming Saturday and should be completed shortly thereafter.