Project Shoot - The Human Condition in 60

Filmmaker Razvan Anton and my self spent the day in Oakville, ON shooting what would prove to be our first successful collaboration.  The 60 second film, which is being produced for entry into Chicago International Film Festival's 'The Human Condition Competition', incorporates elements of stop motion photography and practical-paint animation within a 360 degree framework.

While I have had little experience working in the realm of photography and stop motion, I found the ability to improvise while working in the framework exciting and conductive to the overall process - which was admittedly tedious at times.  Unfortunately due to time constraints, we were unable to conduct tests at our lit location, which would have proved to be extremely useful today.  With that said, we were ultimately able to work around our limitations and come away with something that I feel will be that much more interesting and engaging for a viewer to experience - especially from a visual standpoint.

I am very eager to test out the color grading possibilities when it comes to the RAW image files we will be working with in post.  I am hopefully that the ability to push and pull our colours and crush our blacks will help in making the project that much more compelling to watch.  Special thanks go out to our incredibly patient performers Jamieson Child and AJ Jaywar, as well as a very special thanks to director of photography Barry Cheong, who was of immense assistance in working out some of the logistics and technicalities of the production while prepping for the shoot.

Below you can find a teaser screen grab from the film and some behind-the-scenes images.