'Inside' Featured as part of the NSI Online Short Film Festival!

This week NSI Online Short Film Festival is officially featuring what is admitedly one of my most ambitious short films to date, Inside. Check out the film here! Produced by Elena Pilar Nañes and Maurizio Chen, Inside was a film I wrote over the year of 2008 and directed over the Summer of 2009.  The post-production process was long and tedious in many ways, and in retrospect perhaps that was because I couldn't quite figure out what I wanted this film to be - or more so, how I could get it to be what I hoped it would be.  While certain flaws of the film are much more evident now than at the time of it's creation (as I suspect is often the case with an artist and their work), I see it as a healthy part of the learning process, and I choose to focus over the positives the film has to offer.

In any event, like a parent to their child, the film is still very close to my heart, and will likely be looked upon fondly for some time to come... For reasons I most likely wouldn't be able to convey to those who don't understand why.  So if you find your self with 15 minutes to spare, give Inside a look!  At the least, I hope you come away from the viewing experience with something.

This film could not be made without the support of the Ontario Arts Council & National Film Board of Canada.

Note: For Mature Audiences Only.  Film contains scenes of violence, nudity and adult situations.