CBC's Short Film Face Off Results Are In - What's Next?

Last night, the winner of CBC's Short Film Face Off was announced as being Stephen Dunn from St. John's, Newfoundland!  Congrats to Stephen, his crew and all his supporters!  While the result is obviously not what I had hoped for, I do believe that everything in this life happens for a reason.  The bottom line is I am thrilled that The Beard has managed to generate the support and viewership that it has.  Once again, I want to take a chance to thank everyone who supported my self and the film in the competition by voting and spreading the word!  I would also like to thank CBC, and all those who make Short Film Face Off possible as a show!  It's great to see emerging Canadian filmmakers have a stage to share their work with such a large audience.  Thrilled to have been a part of it! As for what's lined up next?  The coming months will be spent in getting more eyes on The Beard, as well as continuing to develop my first feature film, as well as other short projects along the way.  Stay tuned as I'll be updating regularly!

Written and directed by Yaz Rabadi, The Beard tells the story of an elderly Sikh (Sam Moses) who has been victimized as a result of his racial appearance, and how he struggles to deal with his given circumstances in the aftermath of the violent attack.