'The Beard' Included on Top 12 Canadian Short Films of 2013 List!

I received some great news over the weekend as The Shorts Report has included The Beard in their Top 12 Canadian Short Films of 2013 list!  While it is exciting for the film to be recognized on any list, I can't help but feel especially proud about this one as I find my self in the company of amazingly talented Canadian filmmakers. The Shorts Report is a great resource for all things short film!  Founded by Kellie Ann Benz, The Shorts Report aims to inform filmmakers of the options they have for their short films while keeping a strong finger on the pulse of short film.  Check out the site and make sure you watch the other Canadian shorts that made the list!  So much talent!

A special thanks once again to everyone who made this film possible.  I can't believe it's seen the longevity it has, and I think that speaks to its quality and message.

If you still haven't had a chance to see The Beard, you can head over to The Shorts Report, or watch it right here!  Please feel free to share!

Written and directed by Yaz Rabadi, The Beard tells the story of an elderly Sikh (Sam Moses) who has been victimized as a result of his racial appearance, and how he struggles to deal with his given circumstances in the aftermath of the violent attack.