Support 'The Rainbow Kid' - A Feature Film!

As most of you know, I primarily use this space to keep you all updated on my own film-related projects.  However I wanted to take a moment away from that to talk about The Rainbow Kid.

The Rainbow Kid is a feature film by the talented Kire Paputts.  It's currently in early pre-production and is looking for funding.  Still here?  Good.  This is important.

Look, it's clear that cinema these days is primarily populated by films operating with a safety net.  Studios churn out sequels and remakes looking for a quick buck - fast-food cinema.  And the paint-by-the-numbers 'indie-film' can often leave one underwhelmed.  The Rainbow Kid is a gritty, passionate, and above-all-else, real film that strives to be everything that those films are not.  For starters, this is a feature film that is fore fronted by actors with Down syndrome.

Knowing Kire as well as I do, I can tell you right now that The Rainbow Kid, is a film very dear to his heart.  Kire has been busting his ass for the past few years trying to get this sucker off the ground, but because the film and the story is unlike any other, funding from larger film studios is hard to achieve.  To put it bluntly, they're looking for something 'safer'.  Something cinema should never be.

Have a look at two films Kire has directed below - Animal Control and Rainbow Connection.  These two award-winning short films are the epitome of what Kire is all about as a filmmaker.  Films that are real, gritty, have something to say - and above all else, films that don't play it safe.

Note: Animal Control contains scenes some viewers may find disturbing.

So, if you have managed to make it this far, what else is there to think about?  Donate to this film.  It doesn't matter what you can provide - any amount is more than appreciated.  Trust me when I say this, Kire will make magic with it.

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Thanks for giving this a read - keep it real. Yaz Rabadi