Kill Sister, Kill - Teaser Trailer

Throwing it back a few years on this Friday with the teaser trailer for Kill Sister, Kill! 

This teaser trailer was produced and directed by playwright Jamieson Child to promote Kid Switchblade Productions' Kill Sister, Kill, which performed during both the New York International Fringe Festival & Toronto Fringe Festival.

Note: The following content contains mature content. Viewer Discretion is Advised.

Teaser Filmed and Produced by Yaz Rabadi & Mitchell Arend
Written and Directed by Drac & Jamieson Child
Teaser features Stefne Mercedes, Luke Slade, Jaclyn Nobrega and Jamieson Child

An Exercise - 'Pellicle'

Back in 2011, I was making my rounds on the Canadian art council circuit trying to raise funds for an experimental film called 'Skinned'. The film would be a performance piece that would incorporate some gnarly practical effects. As part of my application, I managed to gather a small group of talented creatives to put together a small visual sampling of the idea as proof of concept to accompany my applications.

Unfortunately, 'Skinned' didn't gain any traction (aka the World wasn't ready). Over the next five years (yep), I'd come across that footage and tinker with it. Well, the tinkering is done.

It's not 'Skinned', but hey, what could have been... right?

Visuals & Sound: Yaz Rabadi / Performance: Tyler Williams / Dance Choreography: Meghan McCabe / Key Special Effects Makeup Artist: Christina Spina / Assistant Special Effects Makeup Artist: Melissa Ciardullo

Welcome to the New!

Seven years is probably long enough, right? That's how long it's been since the initial launch of and not much has changed on the website since. Well, time for change!

Welcome to the new site! Hopefully you find it to a bit more user-friendly and dynamic than the previous incarnation. Check back as often as you like for more visual content and updates on upcoming/ongoing projects.

An Exercise - 'Third World Democracy'

New content. Special thanks to the performers and crew for collaborating.  Enjoy!

Story: Yaz Rabadi / AJ Jaywar Performance: Josha - AJ Jaywar / Muhanna - Al Bernstein Visuals: Yaz Rabadi / Razvan Anton On Set Sound: Kire Paputts Post Sound: Mitchell Arend Key Makeup: Sara Law

‘The Beard’ Screening – Sikh International Film Festival Toronto 2014

I'm happy to announce that The Beard has been invited to screen next weekend at the Sikh International Film Festival Toronto 2014 in Toronto, Ontario! SIFFT 2014 is a wonderful film festival featuring two full days of cinema from Jackman Hall Theatre - Art Gallery of Ontario!  All daytime screenings are free to attend, including The Beard, which is set to screen with various other shorts on Sunday, October 26th at 3:30 PM.

Check out the full schedule here!  Tickets for the evening shows can be purchased here!  Hope to see you there!

Written and directed by Yaz Rabadi, The Beard tells the story of an elderly Sikh (Sam Moses) who has been victimized as a result of his racial appearance, and how he struggles to deal with his given circumstances in the aftermath of the violent attack.

Peel Student Film Festival - Keynote Speaker + 'The Beard' Screens

I am happy to announce that The Beard will screen next at 4th Annual Peel Student Film Festival!  However, the news doesn't stop there, as I am thrilled to announce that I will be speaking to the students of Peel as this year's festival keynote speaker!

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'The Beard' Awarded Most Compelling Film at LISFF!

The Beard screened this past weekend to sold out crowds as part of the Lakeshorts International Short Film Festival!  It's always a pleasure to have The Beard screen at home, here in Toronto, but all the more when the film was awarded 'Most Compelling Film' by the festival Jury and William F. White International Inc.!

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