'X+Y' Accepted into The Human Condition Competition!

Filmmaker Raz Anton and my self have just been informed that X+Y, the short film we submitted for entry into Chicago International Film Festival's 'The Human Condition Competition', has been accepted into the competition and will screen and compete amongst other successful entries next month in Chicago! The guidelines for this competition were to conceive, design and produce an original 60 second film that examined who and what we as humans are.  Raz and I decided early on in the creative process to keep things simple and to the point, rather than try and create something more extravagant, yet ultimately more muddled.  The final product is something we are both proud of - something we both feel is visually interesting and creative, yet engaging and raw.

Special thanks again go out to our amazing and incredibly patient performers Jamieson Child and AJ Jaywar.  The film would not exist without you - literally.

Even though the short film will be made available for online viewing after the festival screening, both Raz and I thought it more than appropriate to begin sharing it with the online community sooner rather than later.  So without further adieu, X+Y.


X+Y (2010) from Yaz Rabadi on Vimeo.