jamieson child

An Exercise in Flexing the Creative Muscle

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with some high school film students from White Oaks Secondary School (WOSS) in Oakville, Ontario.  I had attended WOSS as a student and was pretty much introduced to film/tv production through their Communications & Technologies program, which was/is taught by Dale Andrews.  It was great to see how far the program had come in the 10 years since I had graduated.  While answering questions, providing advice and speaking about my own experiences in the film industry, it became apparent that I needed to take some of my own advice and be more proactive in engaging my creativity. With that in mind, I met up with performer Jamieson Child this past weekend to shoot a small piece as a creative exercise.  My hope is to actively be more creative through the production of smaller projects in between larger ones.  Small steps, perhaps, but exciting nonetheless!  The first piece - of what will hopefully be many - will be available for viewing online later this week!  Stay tuned!

'X+Y' Accepted into The Human Condition Competition!

Filmmaker Raz Anton and my self have just been informed that X+Y, the short film we submitted for entry into Chicago International Film Festival's 'The Human Condition Competition', has been accepted into the competition and will screen and compete amongst other successful entries next month in Chicago!

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