CBC's Short Film Face Off Finale! Tune in Tomorrow Night!

Almost a week has passed since Canada had the opportunity to vote for their favourite film from CBC's Short Film Face Off, and tomorrow night, the winner shall be revealed!  In addition to announcing the winner, the show will also broadcast the three films that made it to the finals, as well as last years winner! CBC's Short Film Face Off airs Saturday, September 7, 2013 at 7 PM (8 PM - Maritimes / 8:30 PM - Newfoundland).  Tune in to see who walks away with $40,000.00 in film funding and production services!

Thank you once again to all those that supported my self and The Beard last weekend by spreading the word and voting for the film!  Can't thank you all enough!

Written and directed by Yaz Rabadi, The Beard tells the story of an elderly Sikh (Sam Moses) who has been victimized as a result of his racial appearance, and how he struggles to deal with his given circumstances in the aftermath of the violent attack.